Wednesday, 27 August 2014

How do contractors and the builders go about a construction process?

A lot of things need to be in place before going ahead with a construction process. Usually the builders and the contractors who come up with their own properties for the selling purpose have to deal with many difficult situations. Their involvement in the building process never stops until the structure stands erected in front of them and till it is finally sold. They have to cope up with the government approval of the property and the approval of the finances for its construction.

Following is a brief method apart from coming up with an idea of construction, that is undertaken by the contractors and the builders to reach their goal.

Planning regarding finalizing the site:  Deciding upon the location of the project is very important. The finalization of the construction site depends upon the various factors such as, the kind of project it is like the commercial or the real estate etc. depending upon the nature of the project a site is fixed for its construction.

Planning regarding the budget: The contractors also have to plan their budget in advance and depending upon that they proceed with the rest of the activities. One cannot blindly go ahead with the building project without deciding their budget.

Next comes hiring an architect:So once the place and money is decided then comes the time of hiring an architect or architectural services. The building plans are discussed among the architects by the contractors. They tell the architect what is that they want to build or construct and the architect plans the construction of the building.

The first thing that an architect does is to come up with an architectural design of the building.

Contractors haunt for hiring an engineering service providing company: This is the company which is hired by the contractors to provide them with the rest of the preconstruction engineering services such as architectural, structural, and MEP services.

The service providing company delivers the contractors with all kind of CAD design and drafting services, BIM Modeling Services, architectural services, coordination and clash detection services etc.

The Actual onsite construction process: Once all the preconstruction services are delivered along with the 3D models the actual onsite construction process begins. The process is successfully completed with the assistance of high quality preconstruction services delivered by the service providing company.