Saturday, 20 September 2014

BIM reduces errors and promotes collaboration of team members

BIM which is an acronym for Building Information Modeling is vastly embraced by construction industry as an efficient tool to reduce on-site errors and for promoting collaboration of people working on project. It is considered as one of the most efficient instrument to document the construction methods. It helps in saving valuable information needed in the building process by architects and engineers. It can also be considered as a visualization tool which assists in integrating the physical and functional features of a building and this collaborative approach helps all the key members involved in the building process to work together.

By implementing BIM on building projects architects, engineers, contractors, project managers, and even owners can work collaboratively. This becomes possible, because the teams involved can work together on a single BIM model generated with Revit. This collaborative approach helps in reducing redundancies and errors while improving project growth.  Since the precise picture of BIM model is available with all the stakeholders’ it encourages them to work efficiently. The most important aspect of this approach is that it assists in saving time and money of the firm working on the project.

There are many advantages of using Building Information Modeling in the execution of construction projects. BIM services have become crucial parts of per-construction activities. Most of the pre-construction engineering services are executed with the support of BIM software such as modeling services. 3D BIM models are considered very important by architects and engineers who are responsible for executing actual on-site construction of the building. The kind of information stored in these models is considered highly crucial because of its accuracy. These 3D models developed with the assistance of Revit are optimized by BIM modelers to extract significant construction documents. All these documents are referred by engineers when they start building the structure.

Construction documents extracted from coordinated model are of much higher accuracy, since this model is already checked for interference and inconsistencies. 

BIM is not limited to modeling alone; it is used as a planning and execution tool for construction projects. 

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