Thursday, 25 September 2014

The changing architectural designs

Choosing best or going for the best available option is a basic human tendency. Same has been in case of building architecture. History is the best source to refer the kind of transformations that have been made in architectural forms of buildings. Just flip through the pages and you can find numerous changes in architectural forms from time to time. Every civilization and era had something new to offer. Be it Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age they all contributed largely in the changing architectural designs.
One can still find ruins of ancient architecture in various archaeological sites and compare them to modern architecture. A huge change in every aspect can be found between them. The change that occurred slowly and gradually in this context has been possible due to various reasons such as changing mindset of people with time and their inquisitiveness to discover better lifestyle.
With the passage of time architecture developed as a profession and it is studied prestigiously by people. The development of architecture as an engineering trade grew very fast and it produced the so called ‘master builders.’ Master builders are nothing but architects who are solely responsible for constructing modern buildings with the assistance of other engineers such as structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers. An architect is fully involved in planning, designing and construction of buildings.
It’s not just architecture they grew over time; the same applies to all other engineering disciplines as well. The field of structural engineering has also gone through tremendous changes. And this assisted architects in developing innovative architectural designs that can be supported with strong structural frame.

The latest development that has engulfed entire AEC industry is Building Information Modeling. BIM is nothing but a process that is applied by architects and engineers throughout the world to execute construction projects. The last 40 years have been very crucial for architectural design, since some of the most vital software have been developed during this time which helped in seamless construction.

Modern architects can explore hundreds of design options with the assistance of BIM software, and can accurately check their productivity. In this way architects were able to develop high quality architectural designs. 

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