Wednesday, 8 October 2014

BIM based construction vs. traditional construction process

There was a time when none of the advanced technologies were applied in building construction and that was the most difficult phase in the growth of construction industry. Construction was all about architect and few engineers along with a lot of laborers. In those days everything used to be done manually by architects and engineers in construction site. And the only instruments available to architects and engineers were pencil and paper. Architects used to visit construction sites many times for taking measurements and all the building related calculations used to be done manually by them.

One of the most strenuous tasks was developing construction drawings which literally used to take a long time and multiple changes used to be made in those drawings because of human errors. One of the most noticeable problems was to make changes in the drawings, sometimes architects and engineers had to start the drawings from scratch.

Preconstruction stage was not that important during that time as it is today since everything used to take place directly onsite. It always used to take more than the expected time to complete the project because architects used to face a lot of rework situations which used to consume extra time.

But with the passage of time CAD and BIM technology came into picture which completely transformed the construction process. CAD technology is optimized for developing highly accurate construction drawings by construction industry professionals. The best part is that multiple changes can be made on these drawings without putting much efforts and time as per design requirements.

These CAD drawings are further utilized for creating 3D building information models. The data in CAD files is optimized by BIM modelers by importing these files in Revit to develop 3D models. Revit models are considered highly effective for building construction since they appropriately describe the design of the building.

By optimizing 4D and 5D BIM models building design teams can further improve the building process because with their assistance time and money required to complete the project can be known in advance. All these pre-construction activities helps in improving onsite construction process. 

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