Tuesday, 21 October 2014

BIM is the center of attraction for building stakeholders!

Building process involves a lot of technicalities in it, and these technicalities are largely faced by architects and engineers along with other building actors such as contractors and project managers etc. But with the advancement of technology construction industry professionals have also started to implement it for execution of preconstruction engineering services. It been approximately 30 years now, since BIM has been adopted by the industry and the growth of the industry is quite eminent.
Building Information Modeling gave a way for more systematic construction methods. It encouraged architects, engineers, contractors and building owners in strategic decision making. During conceptual design phase BIM models assists architects and engineers in taking strong design decisions so that high performing buildings can be developed.

The positive impacts of technology have been realized by all the building stakeholders now, since all of them are equally benefited by its adoption and implementation. All the stakeholders are now becoming aware of the latest technology that comes in the market which can be applied to construction industry.

Even though they personally have nothing to do with the technology, but since it is the driving force behind project productivity they are all updated with it. For example, even the owners or contractors are well aware of CAD and BIM software, and their latest versions. Be it AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit, Navisworks or 3ds Max, building stakeholders are all aware of them and their uses.
BIM is optimized by architects and engineers both as technology and process, as a technology it helps in the execution of engineering services such as BIM modeling, rendering and coordination services. However as a process it helps in planning and management of entire building process by developing 3D models of building systems.

Clash detection and coordination services that are executed by optimizing BIM software are highly useful for architects and engineers since they do not come across any problem when the final construction begins. Similarly contractors and owners are also benefited by BIM use. 4D and 5D BIM services are especially helpful for the owners because it tells them in advance how much money and time is needed for the construction of the building. And by successful utilization of that information owners can manage their budgets properly. 

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