Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How does BIM help in designing better performing MEP systems?

To design better MEP systems, purpose-built BIM software was required by architects and MEP engineers and their demands were fulfilled when Autodesk came up with Revit MEP. This software dramatically revolutionized the MEP workflows. The computable models generated by optimizing Revit MEP, helped in the collaboration and unification of design development team. Digital 3D models generated in Revit’s integrated digital environment are highly potential of capturing all the concrete and crucial information concerning the building systems.

These computable models consist of highly reliable, consistent and well integrated design information that is optimized by MEP engineers from time to time, to improve the quality of MEP systems.

Revit digital environment: 3D models of building systems are developed in Revit MEP’s digital environment. This digital environment is optimized by MEP engineers to develop better designs for MEP systems. This provides huge platform for the unification and collaboration of team members who can share huge information among each other that is vital for design development.

Conventional 2D drawings are optimized by MEP engineers to create 3D digital models.

Collaboration of team members in Revit MEP is very convenient. With its assistance members of different MEP disciplines can integrate for designing better MEP systems. Revit server helps them in saving a central model in a location which is accessible to the entire design development team. Revit environment allows different team members to save a file of this model in their workstations. By utilizing this file they can work independently and can alter the design if they feel it is necessary. The changes made by them are saved and stored in the central model and other members can easily track these modifications. This helps in increasing design understanding among design team, which further helps in making the design better.

Also energy analysis can be done for MEP systems by engineers. They can make use of the information that is stored in 3D models generated by them. Revit’s tools allow engineers in carrying out energy analysis by fully analyzing the kind of material used in designing these systems. Depending upon the conclusion of analysis, new design options can be explored by engineers to develop high quality MEP systems. 

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