Friday, 31 October 2014

Implement BIM for delivering your project within stringent deadlines

BIM’s contribution to construction industry cannot be counted on finger tips since it has contributed endless towards its growth and development. It has assisted architects, engineers and contractors in revamping the image and productivity of AEC industry. Once BIM is adopted by construction firms for improving the execution of building projects, their clients started to believe them in terms of on time project delivery.

Whenever a building contract is signed between contractors and building owners, it is always emphasized that the building should be completed within so and so date. Now to live up to the expectations of owners remains the biggest challenge of contractors.  There are often times when projects are not completed within stringent deadlines and contractors have to face all the after effects of that.

But with the application of BIM in construction projects, contractors started to deliver completed buildings to owners within the accepted deadlines.

BIM enables architects and engineers in making highly informed and effective project decisions which ultimately helps in tackling a lot of complexities involved in the process. Major problems that are faced by architects and engineers are related to the design of the building. But when models representing the design of the building are created by optimizing Revit’s tools and features, design flaws in them are reduced largely.

BIM clash detection and coordination services also provide great help to architects and engineers since majority of problems faced by them during the onsite construction are resolved after executing these services. Clashes between the multidiscipline models are easily detected by Navisworks, which is optimized by AEC professionals for executing clash detection services. Since all the possible complications that should have been faced by architects and engineers on the proposed location while actually executing the project have already been solved, the rest of the building process moves smoothly.

Since no changes and alterations are required in the design any more it becomes very easy for architects and engineers to complete the project within the mentioned deadlines. And hence contractors can also deliver the project to the clients within the agreed deadlines.   

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