Saturday, 1 November 2014

Revit modeling services: How do modelers coordinate with each other in Revit?

Revit modeling services are considered as one of the most crucial preconstruction engineering services that are highly important for architects and engineers. When it comes to building construction, 3D Revit models are regarded as extremely important instruments for ACE professionals. Since these models are developed with the full coordination of design development teams, they are always equipped with accurate information that remains the pre-requisite for any construction project.

One of the main requirements of architects and engineers for seamless construction is accurate information. Inaccurate information can adversely affect the actual onsite construction process by creating hurdles for engineers in terms of reworks.    

So developing accurate 3D models is the key for successfully executing building projects. 3D models which are created by using Revit are often considered of high quality. The main reason for their accuracy is that the digital information can be fully shared between all the design development team members in Revit. Its worksharing feature is regarded as highly crucial for architect, engineers and BIM modelers. Whenever a Revit project is executed, Revit server is optimized by design development teams for the purpose of sharing information related to the project.

Revit server helps unite the entire design team members who can work collaboratively with the assistance of a central model. I am sure you must be thinking, what is a central model. Well, a central model can be understood as a main model which is saved by the design team in a shared location from where it can be easily approached by BIM modelers working on the project. What actually happens is that, its copy is saved by individual members in their local workstations and this allows them to work independently.

So in this way all the members can work together in a same model. In case anyone want to make changes in the central model, he can optimize ‘save to central file’ option in Revit to save the changes in the model.  By clicking on ‘save to central file’ it becomes evident that Revit user wants to update the changes in the main model.

So in this way, all the modelers can fully optimize Revit’s tools and features for developing effective 3D models. 

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