Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Revit’s contribution in constructing sustainable buildings

Developing sustainable buildings is very important for the safety of our environment which is getting polluted or degraded day by day due to building projects. Building construction is never going to stop, and hence it important that we realize time’s demand, that is the construction of ‘green buildings.’ Every day, new building projects are making their way in construction companies, and it is crucial for architects and engineers to minimize their adverse effects on our natural environment.
Environmentalists across the world are disturbed by seeing the effects of construction projects, which are in a way responsible for ‘global warming.’ If you pay attention to surveys or researches conducted by environmentalists, they reveal that earth’s temperature is increasing every year. The research data is really disturbing; it puts a question mark on human intelligence, in term of its ability in tackling such serious and concerning issues. 

But certain steps such as constructing green buildings have been taken very seriously by Architecture Engineering and Construction industry. AEC professionals aims at constructing more and more green buildings which does not have negative effects on our environment since they are designed in such a fashion that they  consume reasonably less energy.

Innovative technology such as BIM is required by architects and engineers for the construction of green building or sustainable building. BIM which is the process of representing physical and functional characteristics of a building is optimized by architects and engineers in developing effective building design.

Revit is a very powerful tool for designing green buildings. Revit which is BIM software is optimized by design development team for the purpose of developing energy efficient buildings. Revit helps in conducting energy analysis which helps in determining and analyzing the energy requirements of a building in future. During energy analysis, a building is analyzed in terms of its geographical location, materials used, affect of sunlight on the building envelop etc. and all this helps in determining its energy consumption in the future. So depending on these analysis architects and engineers make some changes to the model in terms of building design. They try to develop effective MEP systems which can manage the energy requirements of the building. They basically aim at developing a building design which can meet its energy requirement by optimizing natural energy such as sunlight and winds etc.

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