Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Why is BIM considered as a powerful visualization tool?

According to various definitions of BIM, it is a process or technology that is optimized by construction industry professionals to represent the physical and functional characteristics of a building. Building’s physical and functional characteristics are represented with the assistance of multidiscipline 3D models which are developed by architects and engineers with the assistance of Revit which is BIM software.

3D building information models which are developed by BIM modelers by optimizing Revit’s modeling environment are considered highly accurate in terms of their design development. The reason for considering BIM a powerful visualization tool is that 3D models which are developed with the assistance of three primary building dimensions provide three dimensional view of the building. A three dimensional view provides enough clarity to building stakeholders and potential clients to understand the design of the facility in question.

These 3D models can further be optimized for executing  architectural rendering services. Architectural rendering include interior and exterior rendering services wherein with the assistance of material creation and application of lighting and shadow effects a renderer can produce photorealistic effects to the building.

With the assistance of a 3D model, interior rendering services can be executed by a renderer to show the interior design of the building. For example, natural appeal is produced in the rooms such as bedroom, kitchen and washroom etc. by creating important materials and furniture. To create a photorealistic image of a living room, a renderer has to create or add sufficient furniture such as sofa set along with an elegant center table, attractive colors to the walls, and to make it even more realistic human characteristics can also be created by him renderers.

Similarly to provide realistic appeal or feel to bedroom, he has to add or create a stunning bed along with matching side tables etc. Again to give it even more realistic touch human characters lying down on the bed can also be shown by him.

3D rendered floor plans can be considered a best example for communicating the interior design of the building to the clients. 

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