Wednesday, 12 November 2014

4D BIM instrumental for assisting contractors in project management!

Project management is very essential especially in case of construction projects which involve lot of complexities. Managing everything in a right way is a key to successfully executing   building projects. Contractors are those people who take the entire contract of the project from owners and give them the surety to complete it within stringent deadlines. When it comes to managing building projects time management remains its one of the most crucial aspect.  Contractors are accountable for delivering the project to owners within accepted deadlines so it becomes crucial for them to tackle everything in efficient manner so that it gets completed fast.

What is important to understand in this case is the contribution of Building Information Modeling for contractors. Since the time BIM has been adopted by contractors for efficiently executing the projects they have really benefitted by it. 3D BIM models that are developed with due intelligence of technician and BIM modelers helps in streamlining construction process since information stored in them remains crucial for architects and engineers in term of its accuracy. Since the information is created in digital form it becomes easy for AEC professionals to circulate it among each other so that clarity can be gained by them regarding the project in question.

4D BIM came into picture once one more dimension is added to 3D model which is time. So a 4D BIM model is immensely pivotal for contractors as it helps them in gaining more clarity on time requirements of the project. 4D scheduling is developed by AEC professionals for streamlining on site construction activities. Construction schedules help AEC professionals in guiding them regarding their daily activities on the construction proposed location. They become clear about what they should be doing every day once they reach construction site.

4D simulations are also created by AEC professionals for getting more clarity on the step by step process of construction.

So with the support of 4D simulations and 4D scheduling contractors can maximize the productivity of the project by successfully managing onsite construction activities. Maximum benefits can be derived with the assistance of construction schedules for completing the project on time. Materials and equipments required for constructing the building can be effectively made available to construction works well advanced in time by contractors which eventually help in speeding up the task and completing it within stringent deadlines. 

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