Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Autodesk software Revit and Navisworks are crucial for construction professionals!

A huge amount of technological advancements have been experienced by the professionals of AEC industry especially in the last thirty years. And all these technological innovations and inventions have proved advantageous in terms of reducing the problems of human beings. Today every possible industry is using technology for efficiently delivering services to its clients which is eventually maximizing and improving the growth of the industry. You can easily see the growth made by manufacturing and service industry with the assistance of technology.

Compared to other service providing industries, it is believed that construction industry has adopted technology too late. However as soon as AEC professionals started optimizing technology huge benefits have been derived by them. Adoption of BIM software such as Revit and Navisworks provided huge convenience to architects and engineers in relation to the execution of BIM services. Both Revit and Navisworks are designed and launched by Autodesk which is a software manufacturing company. Since the main purpose of Revit and Navisworks is to assist architects and engineers in execution of BIM services they are generally called as BIM software by AEC professionals.

BIM technology which is a short form of Building Information Modeling technology is highly effectual in constructing 3D models for building systems. Revit is especially dedicated for the execution of Revit modeling services or modeling services. Revit has many disciplines such as Revit architecture, Revit structure and Revit MEP and they help architect, structural engineer and MEP engineers in generating or building their respective models.

When BIM technology was not that prominent among AEC professionals they used to optimize CAD software for developing 3D models. However as soon as BIM technology came into limelight architects and engineers shifted their focus towards BIM software. So since Revit came into the picture it dominated the entire AEC industry in terms of executing modeling services.   Architectural, structural and MEP models developed with the assistance of Revit provided the exact information that is required by architects and engineers. Total time and entire project cost is now estimated accurately by using Revit models.

After accurate models are created by technicians it is pivotal to execute clash detection services which are performed by the technicians by optimizing Navisworks. So it is true that AEC professionals totally depend on Navisworks for detecting clashes in between 3D models. 

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