Wednesday, 3 December 2014

BIM coordination and Clash detection services improve precision and accuracy of 3D models!

Building Information Modeling which is implemented and administered on every construction project depends absolutely and thoroughly on 3D BIM models for accomplishing it. In other words since the time BIM has been embraced and adopted by design and construction professionals they completely rely on 3D multidiscipline models for the accomplishment of the project.  

Responsibility and accountability of developing various multidiscipline models lies on different design development teams. These individual design development teams are only answerable and accountable for creating their individual model. Though it is true that when these BIM models are developed in a service providing company their members work together and they do share necessary information among each other but there still lie doubts and confusions when it comes to the accuracy of the design.

And hence it becomes extremely necessary and paramount for the design development teams to execute BIM coordination and clash detection services for improving the accuracy, precision   and exactness of 3D models.

3D models are never coordinated and synchronized with each other until and unless clash detection services are executed. So for conducting and executing clash detection services, the availability and accessibility of Navisworks is very important for the team responsible for executing the services. 

One by one Revit files are imported by them in Navisworks which are crucial and decisive for administering clash detection services. When the files of all the multidiscipline 3D models are transported in Navisworks from Revit it then becomes mandatory and essential to convert all the Revit files into Navisworks file formats. The successful conversion of Revit files into Navisworks files formats ultimately leads to conducting clash tests. For which Navisworks users have to access clash detective tool and they need to bring the files one by one in it for performing clash test.  Clash test is actually a test that is conducted between the model elements of different building models to recognize whether they interfere with each other or not.

So when all the potential model elements are checked for interference between each other they can then be coordinated together. A coordination model which is known for being free from all kinds of discrepancies helps in developing effectual and error free buildings. 

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