Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Clash detection services are effectual, constructive and advantageous for error free construction!

Since the time the concept of clash detection services have entered in the landscapes of AEC industry it has really become commodious for architects and engineers to carry out on site construction. The concept of clash detection between multidiscipline 3D models is largely endorsed or facilitated by Building Information Modeling technology. BIM technology is embraced and accepted by Architectural Engineering and Construction industry professionals on the principles of maintaining accuracy and reliability in construction process. Identifying clashes between model elements is one crucial agenda of BIM which ultimately facilitates seamless and flawless   on site construction.

Clash detection services are executed with the assistance of accomplished, proficient and competent technician and modelers of engineering service providing company.  Clashes and discrepancies between multidiscipline models are identified and discovered with the assistance of high end software such as Navisworks. And the competent technicians of service providing company are highly proficient and experienced in handling such sophisticated software.

Since all the multidiscipline models are developed and generated by divergent design development teams it is pronounced and obvious that there may face coordination problems between them in terms of the location of their elements. So to sort out and identify such coordination problems clash detection services are executed by the modelers of service providing company. Clashes can be identified by the technicians between the elements of any two multidiscipline models such as structural elements and architectural elements. So modelers and designers accountable for executing clash detection services have to select two elements from separate models and run a clash test on them in Navisworks. The results and outcomes of the clash tests are reflected or can be observed in Results tab in Navisworks. Depending upon the gravity, seriousness and significance of these clashes they are resolved by the modelers.

When clashes are identified Navisworks highlights and accentuates them with colors so that users can continently recognize them.  In this way all the substantial and crucial clashes are discovered by modelers after which reasonable and practicable solutions are provided for sorting them out.

In this way clash detection services refine and improve the accuracy and perfection of 3D models which ultimately supports in error free construction 

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