Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Significance of Copy/Monitor tool for Revit users

Copy/Monitor tool that is incorporated in Revit helps design development team members in monitoring changes implemented in the model elements of multidiscipline models. Coordination reviews and interference checking that are conducted by design and construction professionals cannot be accomplished without the assistance of Copy/Monitor tool. Both coordination review and interference checking are quintessential part of design development phase. Coordination review process is intrinsic for communicating design alterations across multiple design developments teams. And thus Copy/Monitor tool remains at the heart of interdisciplinary coordination and collaboration in Revit.  

How and when to use Copy/Monitor tool
      ·         Design development team members must use Copy/Monitor tool to identify the changes that have been made to model elements of architectural, structural and MEP models
   ·         Changes are monitored when coordination review is undertaken by the users during design development.
   ·         Excess use of Copy/Monitor tool in the absence of effective planning can lead to poor performance.
   ·         Copy/Monitor tool is extremely effective when multiple teams jointly work on a single project as effective observation and coordination of work can lead to reduction of mistakes. Expensive rework can also be eliminated in this way.
   ·         For maintaining proper monitoring relationships Revit users must be cautious enough not to change the file name when a model is linked to a host model. When a model is linked to a host model and monitoring relationships have been established for the model elements users should not change the file name after that. If in case file name is change after a model is linked and monitoring relationships are established, it would end up the monitoring relationship.
  ·         When Copy/Monitor tool is used by a structural engineer for copying columns from an architectural model to his structural model he must not forget to use ‘Split Columns By Level’ option.
  ·         Copy/Monitor tool can be used by Revit users for copying a floor from an architectural model to add it in the structural model. For using it as a structural floor its properties are edited by structural design team in Revit structure.

So in this way Copy/Monitor tool can be used for various reasons by Revit users. 

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