Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Benefits of BIM for general contractors in construction management

The entire aim of general contractors who are the main project contractors is to deliver the project on time to the owners within set deadlines. General contractors are liable for the successful execution and completion of the project and for doing so they have to take the responsibility of managing entire construction process. Irrespective of all the complications involved in the process they cannot hide from performing their duties and responsibilities.

There is no denying the fact that general contractors behave as project managers in most of the cases. Getting the site permits, being accountable for developing construction schedules and analyzing their practicality, visiting the proposed construction location and understanding site related technicalities, fulfilling day to day material and equipment requirements etc are the main responsibilities of general contractors.

In most of the cases it is the general contractor who has to hire preconstruction services such as CAD and BIM services from authentic service providers etc. They also have to be accountable for communicating important information between the design development teams of different disciplines and clarify their confusions if any. Since they are totally accountable for the increasing and decreasing productivity of the project it becomes important for them to have the knowledge of correct cost estimates. So as they have to tackle the risks of rework and late project deliveries they encourage the practice of predicting project outcomes and implement correct methods to avoid such issues. In this case 3D,4D and 5D BIM models are immensely helpful for contractors. Accurate 3D models that are hired by them from service providing companies help in the reduction of rework that solely becomes the reason for increasing project cost otherwise. As accurate design leads to flawless construction general contractors never forget to hire clash detection services which are immensely helpful in removing all kinds of design inconsistencies that can lead to rework.   

Construction schedules that are created for managing onsite construction activities are generated by using 4D BIM. By refereeing construction schedules general contractors provide necessary materials and equipments that are needed by construction professionals for performing day to day construction activities.

Cost estimates that are truly important for managing the expenses help in the reduction of wastage. So in this way 5D BIM models which help in the extraction of cost estimates also become indispensable for general contractors. 


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