Wednesday, 7 January 2015

BIM is enormously important and advantageous for AEC industry!

Building Information Modeling has exceptional benefits for Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry in terms of its relevance in construction project execution. BIM technology came into the contact of AEC industry some thirty years back and since that time it has been providing tremendous relief to all construction industry professionals. BIM experts totally rely on the development of 3D models for the accomplishment of building projects. BIM models are capable of unveiling a lot of paramount information that is required by construction professionals for project execution.

When BIM technology was not that easily available to construction industry AEC professionals used to confront a lot of problems and complexities related to project execution. Hence we can say that prior to BIM’s presence in construction industry accomplishment of construction projects was really difficult for architects and engineers. But quickly after BIM’s introduction to AEC professionals they began to execute construction projects with perfection since BIM models help them greatly to scrutinize the design before it is implemented onsite. The proper examination and analysis of building design in the preconstruction stage determines all the potential errors and clashes well advanced in time. The identification and rectification of design issues in the preconstruction stage helps architects and engineers with other design professionals to seamlessly execute building projects.

3D BIM models that are constructed by design and construction professionals in Revit are exceptionally helpful in terms of information revelation to architects and engineers. Tremendous crucial information related to building composition and geometry is dispensed among all the significant building stakeholders with the assistance of BIM models.  When building information is shared among stakeholders it gives rise to new design ideas which helps in design improvement.  During the preconstruction stage building design keeps on improving from time to time. Development of BIM models and their continuous improvement by modelers ultimately helps in smooth construction. Clash detection and coordination services resolve all the design related problems of architects and engineers since interferences between model elements are scrutinized and solved during this process. Once these services are executed by AEC professionals half of the onsite issues are resolved.

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