Monday, 5 January 2015

Constructiveness of Revit structure for structural modeling!

Revit structure is Autodesk product that is specially crafted by this American software manufacturer for the assistance of structural modeling team or structural design team.  Structural modeling was a daunting and formidable task for structural engineers prior to the presence of Revit Structure.  Structural design process is full of complexities and tackling these complexities was not that easy when high tech software like Revit structure was not in the picture.

Revit structure came up with great hopes for structural engineers as it contained effective tools that are absolutely necessary for creating detailed structural model. Its unique and quirky tools are highly imperative for structural design team in developing remarkable and informative structural models.

There are specific tools that are used by BIM modelers for placing structural elements such as braces, columns and trusses in 3D model. While developing 3D model in the digital environment of Revit structure entire members of design development team can fully integrate and collaborate with each other. It greatly supports the collaboration of structural design team during design development phase which directly helps them in developing constructive structural models.

Apart from Revit structure AEC professionals also have Revit Architecture and Revit MEP for executing modeling services for different building disciplines. So when structural design team works on a structural model in this software it provides them the authority to link the models of other building disciplines such as architecture and MEP for improving the accuracy of the model in question. For developing pristine structural model it is important for structural design team to properly understand the design of other building disciplines so that their model elements do not interfere with the model elements of other models. That means to ensure that structural elements do not interfere with architectural elements, it is advantageous for structural design team if they link architectural model in their model since it can fully clarify their suspicion.

So in this way the interdisciplinary collaboration facilitated by Revit structure largely assist engineers and modelers in developing detailed and effective 3D structural models. These 3D models are very important for engineers in constructing robust structural framework for a building in question. 

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