Thursday, 29 January 2015

Revit, Navisworks and 3ds Max improve the productivity of AEC professionals!

Some of the most important software used by design and construction professionals include Revit, Navisworks and 3ds Max and all of them are individually accountable for performing specific tasks. All of them are developed by Autodesk which is one of the most familiar software manufacturing companies in the world. Autodesk is based in United States and all the software developed by it has been used extensively by AEC professionals for simplifying the difficulties of construction process. 

Revit is extensively used across the nations for developing the design of different building trades such as architecture,structure and MEP. Multidiscipline models are created by using different Revit disciplines such as Revit architecture, Revit structure and Revit MEP and they clearly show the design of these trades. Revit is also used for developing families which are later on included by design development teams in the model created by them. No building model can ever be completed without including families in it. Families can be defined as building components which are necessary to be included in the models for their successful completion.

Example of families includes stairs, light fixtures, doors and sinks etc. Now imagine for a second can be develop a building without using such crucial components in it.  Yes we can’t.

So Revit is utmost important for architects and engineers when it comes to creating effective design for different building trades.

Apart from Revit, Navisworks is paramount for construction professionals as it is used for locating the design errors which exist within the models. These clashes become visible when AEC professionals try to coordinate different models together. When models are coordinated without detecting clashes, we often see that model elements fight with each other for the same place for their existence. And this problem can be easily detected in Navisworks.

On the other hand when AEC professionals want to develop photorealistic images for a building in question they have to utilize 3ds Max for this purpose. It includes both rendering and modeling tools in it which are important for producing photorealism in an image.

Be it Navisworks, Revit or 3ds Max all of them help in increasing the productivity of design and construction professionals as well as the entire productivity of the project. 

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