Sunday, 8 February 2015

Application of Building Information Modeling has positive consequences in construction

When Building Information Modeling is applied by AEC professionals for the simplification of the complications of building process they got remarkably positive or favorable results. BIM can be defined both as a process or technology which is useful in both the ways for design and construction professionals. As a process it is extremely important for construction professionals because its outcomes which are multidiscipline 3D models are used throughout the lifecycle of the project. On the other hand as a technology it can be defined as the application of BIM software Revit in the development of 3D models, which contain all the essential construction data.

Production of building models after the effective accomplishment of Revit modeling services allow design and construction professionals in enhancing the productivity of design and construction of buildings. 3D building modeling software Revit that is used in modeling facilitates the smooth flow of construction information from one design development team to another design development team. In other words construction information related to architectural design can be swiftly communicated to structural design team with the help of Revit. This can be done by either linking architectural model in structural or by visa versa. In this way both architectural and structural design teams can get enough information about each other’s design and can take necessary precautions in terms of developing the design for avoiding interferences between elements.

So in this way application of BIM helps in the creation of productive building design which ultimately helps in streamlining further construction process. For example application of BIM technology helps in predicting or identifying serious construction problems before they could be developed into expensive rework. When construction problems such as existence of clashes between elements of different models are identified with the implementation of clash detection services, design and construction professionals can effectively control project outcomes. Negative project outcomes such as rework can be completely controlled with the assistance of BIM, as design errors can be successfully removed with the implementation of changes in 3D models in preconstruction. 

So, effective execution of modeling services as well as clash detection services can help in streamlining construction process. 

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