Thursday, 5 February 2015

Drafting process: Benefits offered by CAD drafting

In Architectural Engineering and Construction industry drafting represents the process of developing construction drawings which are also referred as technical drawings by AEC professionals. And hence drafting is one of the most crucial phases of project lifecycle. Developing technical drawings for construction project really require technical expertise and that the reason prior to CAD technology these drawings literally used to be created by architects and engineers. Before the evolution of CAD technology, drafting phase used to be considered as one of the most difficult phase of construction process wherein architects and engineers had to spend days for developing drawings. And even after spending days on developing drawings there used to be huge chances of them being incorrect. That means chances of human errors were very high in manual drafting process. Now another disadvantage of manual drafting was that it used to be tremendously difficult to implement changes in these technical drawings.

But soon came the good time for construction professionals when CAD technology is adopted by them for execution of drafting process. CAD which is an abbreviation of computer-aided design is instrumental in revolutionizing the drafting process. This highly innovative technology digitalized drafting process and allowed quick creation of drawings with the assistance of CAD software like AutoCAD. Now for operating AutoCAD, CAD drafters are used who posses technical knowledge of software application. So in modern day drafting architects and engineers are not directly accountable for developing construction drawings instead of that they prepare clear and concise specifications for CAD drafters who then generate architectural, structural and MEP drawings for the project in question.

CAD drafters do confront with any difficulties related to implementation of changes as AutoCAD is accommodated with effective tools which eases the complications of drafting and makes the implementation of changes quite easy.

The speed at which drawings are now generated is the biggest advantages of CAD drafting. Drafters can now generate even the most complicated drawings in very short time. They don’t have to be worried about the quality as everything is automated now; they just need to have correct specifications for developing accurate drawings.

CAD drawings are considered as the best source of communicating technical information as they can be delivered anywhere in the world within a mouse click. So there is no denying the fact that CAD drafting is the best way of developing construction drawings. 

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