Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Flawless construction: Is it really practiced by architects and engineers?

Well, most of the people who have no clue about how construction takes place cannot even conceptualize what sort of complications are confronted by design and construction professionals during project lifecycle. Preconstruction problems are not that worrisome because no extra cost is involved for sorting out them but when it comes to complications of actual construction process high alarms are raised as their resolution may cost large amount of money.

But by applying BIM in construction, AEC professionals can resolve all kinds of problems that are faced by them throughout the process. For example BIM helps them in construction planning, creating accurate construction schedules, developing high end 4D simulations and generating bill of materials apart from developing error-free building design.

For practicing flawless construction architects and engineers must be available with the correct design of different building systems. BIM models for architecture, structure and MEP are developed by modelers of a service providing company with the assistance of the specifications provided by architects, structural engineers and MEP engineers. Design for different building discipline is actually created by architect, structural engineers and MEP engineers but for creating 3D models involvement of BIM experts is important. Design is developed in 3D for conceptualizing its validity or effectiveness in context of its actual implementation. With the application of Virtual Design and Construction in building projects, AEC professionals can develop immaculate or faultless building design.

Development of faultless design is the greatest achievement for architects and engineers when it comes to streamlining building process. Autodesk has played a tremendously important role in construction business as it manufactured crucial software for the utilization of construction professionals. Software manufactured by Autodesk includes AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds Max and Navisworks, all of which are used best to their abilities for simplifying building process.

For example, Revit is entirely building design software and is used for creating architectural, structural and MEP design whereas Navisworks which is project review software is used for clash detection.  The point I want to make here is that, application of high end software is important for developing error free design which finally supports in seamless construction.

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