Tuesday, 3 February 2015

In what way Navisworks reinforces clash detection process?

Navisworks, which is used for accomplishing many important construction related services, is developed by Autodesk which has also designed other building design software for AEC professionals. Navisworks is designed for complimenting the services that are accomplished by Revit and AutoCAD etc. A wide range of files that are generated by other Autodesk applications are fully supported by Navisworks and that is the reason it stands out among other software.

A better control is gained by architects, engineers and construction professionals over project outcomes with its assistance. So far Navisworks is the best software for resolving clashes much before the actual construction starts.

Clash detection is quite necessary for every construction project as it helps in resolving potential clashes mush before they become the reason for expensive rework. Rework is the major problem that is faced by design and construction professionals when potential clashes are not detected on right time. There are huge benefits of determining clashes much ahead in time as a lot of money and time can be saved by doing so.  On the other hand when clashes are detected on the proposed construction location then architects and engineers have to provide extra time for resolving them which is generally quite expensive. And due to this project deliveries are always delayed.

That is the reason clash detection services have sort of become mandatory part of project execution. Files belonging to different 3D models such as architectural, structural and MEP are imported in Navisworks and they are then converted to effective file formats which are supported by Navisworks. That means the clash detection process starts after all the files are converted to Navisworks file formats.

Once files are converted design and construction professionals are required to assess clash detective tool of Navisworks so that clash tests can be conducted between model elements of 3D models. When clash tests are conducted in clash detective, Navisworks users have to fill the names of different elements in two different columns for detecting clashes between them. That means elements belonging to different models are filled in each column so that design errors between them can be detected by the software.

Thousand of clashes are detected by Navisworks which are resolved by the design members by appropriately adjusting the positions of the elements. In this way seamless design is developed for the building in question which helps in seamless construction. 

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