Wednesday, 18 March 2015

BIM Services: What is their necessity in construction?

As BIM has becomes the life blood of Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry today it is really important for readers to understand its significance and necessity along with the way it is applied in building process. BIM gets introduced in the construction project right from the preconstruction phase as variety of BIM services are hired by general contractors for providing high end architectural and engineering solutions to architects, structural engineers and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) engineers.

As soon as initial building sketches are generated by architects, structural engineers and MEP engineers, they are provided to engineering service providing companies which deal with BIM services for developing high end 3D models. For the purpose of constructing high performing buildings it is imperative for general contractors to hire Revit modeling services for all the significant building disciplines such as architecture, structure and MEP. When it comes to flawless construction, they also have to hire clash detection, BIM coordination, energy modeling and 3D rendering services etc from the service providing company.

For executing all these BIM services, basic sketches developed by architects, structural engineers and MEP engineers are delivered to the company so that BIM modelers can get an explicit idea about  design of multiple building trades. Individual modeling teams are allotted by the service providing company for the development of 3D architectural, structural and MEP models, wherein the teams have to refer the sketches which are provided by the clients. Information related to dimensions is clearly contained in the sketches and specifications that are developed by architects and engineers, which make it easy for Revit modelers to construct BIM models.

Completion of Revit modeling services is followed by the execution of clash detection and coordination services wherein the errors in the design are pointed out through clash tests. Clash tests which are conducted in Clash Detective tool allow design and construction professionals in finding out the collisions among architectural, structural and MEP elements. Once collisions between elements discovered it is quite easy to sort them out by changing the design in the model.  In this way error-free design is delivered to clients if they hire BIM services. 

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