Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Loadable Revit families and their importance in creating 3D parametric models

Loadable families which are developed by design and construction professionals in the Family Editor tool of 3D building design software Revit are highly essential for the victorious or successful accomplishment of multidiscipline parametric models. Loadable families are those essential building components and elements which are created by Revit modelers and other design and construction professionals in Revit’s Family Editor Tool, which can be elucidated as a graphical editing mode in the software. 

Loadable Revit families may include components such as door and window etc, which are extensively created in Family Editor and once they are completed they are placed by design and construction professionals into their Revit projects for finishing or accomplishing them. For example architects and BIM modelers are working on a 3D architectural model then for accomplishing the parametric model effectively they need to complete the design by adding windows and doors in the walls. Until and unless the model is not incorporated with these important building components it doesn’t look authentic and complete.

When a loadable family is created in Family Editor, it becomes mandatory for design and construction professionals to pick or select a family template which can help them in creating the geometry and defining the size of the family. Family templates work as the basic units which are required by design and construction professionals for building the family. For making it clearer let me explain that family templates convey essential information about the families or building components which are created in the graphical editing mode of Revit.

For developing a loadable family, Revit users are required to choose a family template, then create family framework with the help of Reference Lines and Reference planes. Once the framework for the loadable family is fully developed by Revit users they should then create its geometry. While creating family geometry permanent dimensions are provided by modelers to the building component which is getting created by them in Family Editor. After this it is also important for Revit users to determine family type variations.

Once the family framework and family geometry is effectively developed the family can be saved by users as an individual Revit file which can later on be added in the project. 

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