Monday, 6 April 2015

How is steel detailing process significant for the durability of the building?

For the development of highly durable buildings and structures it is crucial that the design developed for them fulfills all design criteria effectively. Effective building design and its appropriate construction results into the development of high performing and durable buildings. Structuralservices design remains an important part when it comes to the development of highly load resistant and durable buildings. Steel detailing which a crucial aspect of structural engineering process plays an important part in the development of strong and durable buildings.

Durability of any building lies on the fact that its structural framework should be highly capable of resisting all kinds of applied loads. Load resistance is not enough its appropriate transmission is also important when it comes to analyzing the strength and robustness of the building in question. And for the achievement of these things it is important that steel members such as columns, beams, joists and trusses are effectively designed and fabricated. That means once the design is completed, design and construction professionals must generate detailed drawings for steel parts which can be utilized by manufacturers for their fabrication.

The drawings which are generated by steel detailers for the optimization of manufacturers are called fabrication/shop drawings and they incorporate fabrication related details in a very organized form. Complete details about the shape, size and dimensions of steel parts are incorporated in fabrication drawings which are produced by detailers with the close support of contractors, structural engineers and architects. Same process is applied when detailers create detailed erection drawings which are used steel erectors when they start assembling steel parts during structural installation. Durability of the building can only be assured if effective design is created for it, when its components are manufactured properly and finally when they are effectively installed.

For performing steel detailing it is mandatory that required steel detailing standards are utilized during the process. American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), World Steel Association, British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) and Canadian Institute of steel construction (CISC) are some of the important international organizations which have developed important steel detailing standards that are used worldwide. 

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