Thursday, 23 April 2015

What is the prime goal of clash detection process?

For the identification of field conflicts and physical conflicts between the elements of architecture, structure and MEP, Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals have to take the support of clash detection process. In other words the main goal of clash detection process is to figure out the physical collisions between multidiscipline design elements and the time based conflicts which are determined by AEC professionals on the actual location.

Clashdetection services basically performed before executing 3D coordination in Revit. Now you may think that why is it important to perform clash detection before executing 3D BIM coordination. Well, clashes are identified prior to coordination so that when multidiscipline models are combined in Revit, their elements do not overlap each other. So we can say that by performing clash detection process in Navisworks, it becomes easier for design and construction professionals to coordinate architectural, structural and MEP models in 3D modeling and building design software Revit.

All the major design and time based conflicts are successfully eliminated by design and construction professionals through clash detection before the actual field work starts. The elimination of design and time based clashes help in reducing rework, improve onsite safety, minimizes wastage and finally curtails the project cost to a significant extent.  Due to the eradication of clashes in design and scheduling, AEC professionals can reduce the construction time to a great extent. This has a very positive impact or result on the productivity of architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, general contractors etc. Since all the errors and conflicts from the design are effectively located and resolved, it can bring great efficiency during fabrication of building components. Increased on-field productivity is the direct benefit of clash detection process.  The productivity of design and construction professionals cannot be reinforced without identifying and sorting out different kinds of clashes.

The reduced cost of construction project is a big achievement for general contractors and owners. The composite building model which is developed after resolving clashes is capable of producing accurate as-built drawings for different building trades. 

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