Saturday, 25 April 2015

What make rendered images and walkthrough videos so important for clients?

The process of providing photorealism to architectural images and models with software solutions like 3ds Max and SketchUp etc is called rendering. That means the life-like architectural images produced by rendering artists for interiors and exteriors of a building cannot be created without the use of these 3D rendering and modeling software solutions. The concept of communicating building design to clients through architectural images existed even before the advent of rendering software products, but at that time design and construction professionals used to optimize color pencils for making them attractive. But the architectural drawing on which photorealism is produced by rendering artists through software solutions is beyond perfection.

Both architectural images (images produced through interior and exterior rendering) and walkthrough videos are very important for architects as they can easily communicate their design concept to promising buyers, real estate agents and building owners etc. I think all of us agree with the saying that ‘a picture speaks thousand words.’ That means instead of verbally describing something to people it is better that we provide a picture of it to them which can make more sense. Similarly when architects try to represent their architectural design to clients, it is appreciated if photorealistic images are presented to them. High quality rendering tools become available to rendering artists when they execute 3D rendering services with the support of 3ds Max.

But, what are those elements which are necessary for producing naturalistic or life-like effects in architectural images?  Well, this is an important question, isn’t it? Realism cannot be produced in an image until and unless we add such elements which can bring life to it. For example, if an image represents the living room of a building, then it is necessary that all the elements which are generally found there are included in it such as sofa set with centre table, flower vases and exquisite paintings etc. Apart from that a huge role is played by lighting effects, shadow effects and texture etc when it comes to providing naturalistic effects in 2D architectural drawings. 

So with the support of photorealistic architectural bim services walkthrough videos, AEC professionals can represent the building design to potential buyers in the most appropriate manner.

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