Monday, 4 May 2015

BIM is used extensively in UK and US

Though Building Information Modeling is a global phenomenon today, but its uses are more in United Kingdom and United States when compared to rest of the countries in the world. Both the UK and the US are highly developed countries in the world and their decision to adopt Building Information Modeling only indicates that they always make intelligent choices. By knowing the fact that these two countries are the biggest users of BIM, I can only draw the conclusion that they substantially comprehend the potential of Building Information Modeling in streamlining the entanglements of construction process.

In these countries tremendous support is poured from government side to reinforce BIM implementation in both private and public sector construction. In fact these countries consider construction industry as an important part of their economies. 

If we talk about United Kingdom, the government is taking all the indispensable measures which can lead to increasing implementation of BIM in Architecture services, Engineering and Construction industry. In fact in the year 2011, the United Kingdom government had made it mandatory through a proposal that all the construction projects executed by public and private players should be surely using BIM by the year 2016.

In the United Kingdom, ‘The Construction Industry Council’ which is abbreviated as CIC is tremendously enthusiastic about the implementation of Building Information Modeling and is significantly helping the government in reinforcing its initiative.

It is believed that with the enactment of BIM in construction business, high performing buildings are developed by design and construction professionals in very less cost. Another important part of BIM is that it sorts out all the potential difficulties which can be otherwise faced by AEC professionals when they literally start constructing a building in actual world.

Similarly the government of United States is also very keen into using BIM in construction.  In fact the private players are already reaping the fruits of seamless construction which is facilitated by Building Information Modeling.        

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