Friday, 1 May 2015

BIM’s contribution in the advancement of MEP

The growth which AEC industry has witnessed in recent decades is just unprecedented. Certainly there would be numerous factors to give credit such as availability of raw material, improvement in the safety of the structure, swift construction process etc. BIM is one of those factors which has drastically changed the construction process of architecture, structure and MEP disciplines in AEC industry and delivered the unprecedented growth.

Design development for MEP sytems is undertaken when architecture and structure of the building is ready since it has to be set up according to architecture and structure and it is very complex. It is very essential to design according to the specifications handed over by architects.

Synchronization process in MEP has improved by building information modeling. BIM enhanced the coordination of MEP systems internally as well as with other systems, too. Through MEP BIM Service elements are produced in balanced way which reduces the frequency of errors.  

MEP comprise of many systems like heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, fire protection system, power distribution system plumbing solution etc. BIM provides high end models for all these systems with the help of Revit software.

BIM facilitates effective scheduling which manages timing for each system smoothly. It specifically denotes the period of time each system require and help AEC professionals in allotment of the resources. 

With the support of BIM, professionals can easily identify the cost related information for MEP systems. Cost estimation helps in allocating budget for the precise development of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

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