Friday, 3 July 2015

BIM: A Brilliant Breakthrough for AEC Industry

Building Information Modeling has proved to be the boon for AEC industry as it has brought much needed evolution inthe modeling process. Initially drawings were made to assist construction work and eventually their quality started becoming much better with the arrival of computer aided design software systems. In other words if we talk about precision of the drawings, it definitely started improving with the application of CAD solutions. But again CAD drawings and CAD models could not provide any additional help to AEC professionals apart from improving the quality of design.

3D parametric modeling came as a brilliant breakthrough which has taken design and quality of models to the next level. 3D BIM has completely eliminated the shortcoming of 2D images. It produces high-quality models which demonstrate the exact replica of the real building.With the support of these models high-quality or photo realistic images can also be produced, thus BIM is also known as the Virtual Construction Software.

Information on length, height and width is what three dimensional BIM conveys which is extremely fastidious, and it allows user to avail every minute detail on a single click. Models which are created by utilizing BIM, comes handy for clientele presentation since they are so fascinating.

4D BIM is an extension of 3D BIM, which is developed with an addition of an exclusive feature or dimension called time. Time element in BIM 4D Services enables its users to effectively forecast the duration which project is going to take. It has made scheduling more relevant and exact.

5D BIM is all about cost, which means it provides absolute information regarding incurring cost in particular processes and so in the entire project. Due to this feature, constructerscan allot the resources in a better way at the right time of their requirement. This feature saves the cost and prevents resources from unnecessary pilling up.

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