Friday, 17 July 2015

The Demand for BIM services comes largely from USA, UK, Canada and Australia

Building Information Modeling is rapidly becoming the top priority of architects and engineers across the world, since it provides them with great advantages in terms of streamlining project complications. The idea of Building Information Modeling came into existence approximately three decades back, but its actual implementation in Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry started nearly a decade ago.

In the initial stages of Building Information Modeling’s arrival in AEC industry, building professionals found it too expensive. In other words, when Building Information Modeling was new to AEC industry, installation and application of BIM software used to be assumed as very expensive by design and construction professionals.

But when its real potential and advantages were realized by AEC firms, they started to believe that one time investment in BIM software is really not a big deal, as it eventually provides them with tremendous benefits.

When compared to rest of the world Building Information Modeling is still used largely in developed nations such as USA, Canada, UK and Australia etc. That means maximum construction projects in these countries are executed with the support of BIM services.

Building Information Modeling is a highly distinctive design documentation methodology which assist design and construction professionals in effectively organizing or managing design, construction and operations information throughout project life-cycle. This proves really helpful for the smooth execution of construction projects.

For availing Building Information Modeling solutions, countries such as USA, UK, Canada and Australia rely extensively on countries located in Asia such as India, China, and Sri Lanka etc. India has created history, when it comes to supplying architectural and engineering solutions in cost-effective rates to clients across the globe.

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