Wednesday, 5 August 2015

BIM Services has set the trend of Parametric Modeling

If the AEC industry has grown tremendously well today, that’s because a revolution has occurred some years back. That revolution is nothing but the Building Information modeling. It’s a process which has brought significant and intensely necessary enhancement for entire AEC industry. The pros of BIM are beyond calculations. To mention a few, let’s embrace ourselves a mighty feature BIM has got for the users.

BIM’s capacity to identify clashing points into the systems prior to the construction work is quite remarkable. This feature alone has contributed in saving sumptuous cost along with the time. Initially the construction process used to hinder a lot since they have to undergo from the repetitive rework after building got construct. That intricate issue has been solved by BIM the moment it is lunched for the every user.

Apart from cost effective work delivery, the accuracy is an incredible trait which BIM has carried all the time since it introduced. The models which get developed in BIM systems, sport tremendous accuracy. Earlier the errors used to occur very rapidly, those occurrences have completely eliminated by Building Information Technology.

The drawings which are extracted from BIM models are known as coordinated drawings which reflect the design technicalities very precisely and the same is utilized across all the disciplines in AEC industry which are Architectural, Structural and MEP.

The runaway success of BIM MEP Services is also lies in its captivating presentability. This software system is equally vital for non-professional stakeholders as well. It comes handy when there is a requirement to present  the building models in front of those non technical stakeholders. 

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