Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Scan To BIM - A Very Reliable Way of Renovating Old Buildings

It is quite clear that accurate drawings and precise geometrical information is utmost important for architects and engineers, when they have to carry out the renovation of old buildings. But in most of the cases, very limited building information remains available on the as-built buildings, which makes it tremendously difficult for construction professionals to execute renovation and refurbishment projects.

However, with the introduction of Scan to BIM Services in Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry, the complexities of renovation projects are wining away. Scan to BIM is a process, wherein the old building is scanned at the first place and then the information obtained during the scanning processes is used for developing as-built models.

A brief note on the significance of scan to BIM

1.     Scan to BIM is the fastest way of obtaining as-built geometrical information.
2.     With the assistance of high-end laser scanners, the entire scanning process can be completed within few hours, which saves a lot of time.
3.     Powerful laser beams, which are directed towards the building from advanced laser scanners, can reach every possible section of the building. This makes it possible to collect extremely precise as-built geometrical information.
4.     After the accomplishment of laser scanning process, the point cloud data- which is obtained through laser beams  is immediately delivered to a service providing company, which deals with the development of intelligent BIM models.
5.     With the assistance of 3D  parametric Modeling software, high-end as-built models are created by building professionals from the laser scanned data.
6.     The most common software that is used in this process is Autodesk Revit.
7.     Revit can create extremely superior 3D parametric models for architecture, structure and MEP.
8.     These models can assist architects and engineers with accurate as-built multidisciplinary drawings.
9.     That means all types of construction drawings for architecture, structure and MEP systems can be conveniently extracted from as-built BIM models.
10.  In addition to that the rest of the dimensions which include 4D, 5D and 6D can be further added to 3D as-built BIM Models.
11.  All these new dimensions can provide even more concrete information (information related to time, materials, scheduling, and cost) about the existing building, which help in simplifying the renovation process further.

With the support of scan to BIM services, a large number of renovations, retrofit and refurbishment projects are executed by building professionals each day.

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