Thursday, 28 April 2016

3D Modeling to MEP BIM Coordination Services, 4D BIM, 5D BIM, 6D BIM… sky is the limit!

MEP BIM Coordination Services - We could call it as the staging of climax of BIM for construction! The coordination serves to bring together the design for viability. It integrates all the systems that make the building – Architectural, structural, mechanical HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire fighting systems. It ascertains that the components are placed definitively without smashing into each other! 

Designing the architecture and planning the civil and structure for the design, and drafting the MEPF systems as suited is a certain task. To amalgamate them to function as a singular system is the objective here. As thorough as we can be in this stage, with multitude of components participating, to ensure absolute coordination is a little beyond possible. The final drawings to use for construction have to be clear-cut for an organized and smooth operation. Missed conflicts can lead to major setbacks in the construction in every respect. With BIM, we can make sure of the accuracy and excellence of the design before the real construction is undertaken. Thus we save on damages caused by them. 

We have sure worked with mere paper and pencil and accomplished some incredible buildings. With every advancement that we humans brought about, we have only made the tasks more productive, time and resource effective and more convenient and easier. It has also helped us be more imaginative and creative with our designs and make the implausible plausible. The technological progression paving the path to BIM has been the most revolutionizing development. The construction industry has experienced a tremendous impetus owing to it. BIM has proven to be a superlative tool, profiting every stakeholder involved. 

BIM enabled parametric 3D modeling, coordination, scheduling (4D), cost analysis (5D), energy analysis (6D) – a comprehensive support throughout the building life – it is difficult to predict what further the technology would beget. Sky is certainly the limit!


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