Sunday, 29 May 2016

MEP Shop Drawings Services

MEP shop drawing service gives an edge to building and construction projects by giving accurate design and speeding up the entire design process. Shop drawings are basically technical drawings of pre-fabricated components like elevators, appliances, steel structures, windows etc. Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Shop drawings include HVAC, Electrical, plumbing and piping services. 

MEP coordination services have become an important element in today’s construction industry. These services help to visualize and plan the use of space effectively. It also helps the engineers on-site for better installation of MEP components which overall increases the building design and delivery process of the construction project. AutoCAD, Tekla structures, Microstation , Adobe Illustrators and Auto Desk revit are some of the software’s which are used to develop shop drawings.

MEP coordinated shop drawing services has become a necessity in the construction industries as it helps to predict the performance of building structures at an early stage by eliminating the errors associated with the designs. The main advantage of using MEP Shop drawing services is it provides an effective way of communication between architects and engineers. Any changes in design or drawings can be easily drafted and communicated to engineers through this process to avoid clashes in services and then can be implemented in the practical designs.

Mechanical shop drawings represent heating, ventilating and air-conditioning for construction projects. These drawings are based on floor plan and reflected ceiling. Piping shop drawings ensure coordination between services like sprinkler pipes as per drop ceiling levels and beam heights to avoid clashes. Electrical shop drawings include electrical wiring, cable trays, electrical power and lighting plans, electrical and distribution panel etc. Plumbing shop drawings services represent design and drafting of water and drainage system of the buildings.

MEPShop Drawing Services is a creative engineering with customized solutions for quality assurance for best output of the building and construction projects. It helps in saving time and efficiency of the projects.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Multi-user Mode – A valuable feature of Tekla

Typically, there are several people working at a time on a shop drawings and fabrication services project. That is the only way to accomplish a vast project in a reasonable timeline. Tekla provides the multi-user mode that proves to be extremely useful in such a scenario.

With it, multiple people concerning the project can contribute to the model simultaneously. With a singular model being worked on, everyone can be aware and in sync with the work each is doing. The hassle of merging everyone’s model to check progress and stay up-to-date is completely done away with.

There will not be duplicate models to be handled, saving storage space and relieving the trouble of tracking them. The site errors and confusions owing to there being several models to be used are reduced. There’s just one master model to be referred to. Erection plans, bolt and material lists, shop drawings, etc. are all generated from this one model. The model history can be collected. The work load of a vast project is effectively distributed among users.

With so many benefits, there are also certain aspects to be carefully dealt with. We may have several users working at the same time on the model stored in the server, however, it is possible for only one of them to save his work in the master model at a given time. It helps to resort to a numbering plan.

Conflicts while saving can be dodged by using Synchronize with master model tool. The numbering of sessions should be done suitably. Also, different areas should be allotted to different users, so that possible errors and conflicts with two or more users working in the same area do not occur. Thus, careful coordination is to be established to make the best use of multi-user mode, otherwise it could prove to be more of blight than boon!