Architectural BIM Services

Architectural BIM basically involves the utilization of BIM Technology in creating and exhibiting the Architecture of any building. Architectural BIM entails generation of 3D, 4D, 5D models for buildings and infrastructure of various kinds. We work out Building Information Models for various Residential, Commercial, Hospitals, Hotels and Resorts along with residential townships.

BIM Services India has expertise in delivering end to end Architectural BIM Services in area of Building Information Modeling. Our team of Architects and BIM Modelers undertake projects based on various building types with different variety of intricacies arising out of every building. We have an extremely organized and concise quality check method which gives us top notch report of the challenges and errors occurring while working on project. This allows us to deliver our clientele accurate results according to their requirement.

Our team of Architectural BIM Modelers and checkers assure an intensive quality check procedure for BIM. We have a well defined as well as extremely organized project execution cycle describing how do we start a project and work through the finishing line for each project. We concentrate on spatial allocations, building geometry, properties of building materials and a lot more.

With a close watch for detailing and proficiency in working on most complex and miniature elements thoroughly we, generate an Architectural BIM Model for the users to visualize all part of the model. We focus on details like facade appearance, vertical boundaries, free stretching spaces, high-rises, colors and materials used etc together with information for Materials and Quantities. Moreover it incorporates colors, textures, space allocation, flooring, finishes, lighting, furnishings, etc.

We cater our Architectural BIM services to Builders, Contractors, and Architectural Consultants. We work on presentation models in addition to models for Construction & Co-ordination requirements.

We provide you with the following services in the Architectural BIM realm:
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Interior & Exterior Modeling
  • Site Modeling
  • CAD to BIM Conversion
  • Scheduling and Phasing
  • Cost Estimation
  • Quantities and Materials
  • BIM Construction Drawing
  • Parametric Family Creation
  • BIM Architectural Coordination model

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