Clash Detection

Building Information Modeling does not conclude with developing a primary 3D model or incorporating data.  Clash detection is amongst the procedures that contemplate towards generating a remarkable Virtual Construction Model. After Clash detection, these Co-ordinated models may be employed for Scheduling and Estimation applications as well. We deliver comprehensive clash detection services wherein the coordinated models help in delivering more accurate scheduling and quantities for estimation.

BIM Services delivers Clash Detection in conjunction with Clash Resolution services around the world. We have a team of Engineers and BIM Execution experts who deal with Clash Detection of Models and fix the clashes to ensure that the models are prepared to be co-ordinated 

 Clash detection services we provide encompasses:
  • Clash Detection between Architectural, Structural and MEP Model
  • Creating Clash Reports
  • Resolving Clashes
  • Co-ordination Checking
  • Phasing and Sequencing
As soon as the clashes or conflicts are identified by our Engineers and BIM Staff we co-ordinate with our Designers who have developed the design for a certain building. If any alterations or modifications essential in building or systems we try to fix it in the modeling or virtual construction phase rather than waiting till the actual time of construction.  Clash Detection aids elude project delay or other hiccups that by assisting outstanding coordination between all models.

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